Nick M. Gombash

Chicago, IL, USA

New Collections!


Added 11/8/2018


Added 11/5/2018

Register of Insane, County Hospital, 188

Added 7/28/2018

Coming Soon!

  • Chicago Licensure Records
    -The records in this collection will vary from Chicago and several of its neighborhoods, covering various business and liquor licenses. The year coverage ranges from the 1870s through prohibition-era 1930s.

  • Chicago Voter Register Indexes
    -The 1888, 1888-1890, and 1892 Chicago Voter Register Indexes, which are available at, will be photographed and available for free.
    -Voter Register Indexes for years prior to and after 1888 and 1892 are being inventoried and assessed for digitization.

  • Railroad Employment Records
    -Employment records for several railroad companies in Chicago, including applications, payroll, employment cards and other records.