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Chicago Daily News Obituary Index

The Chicago Daily News was a daily afternoon newspaper, not published on Sundays, that began publication in 1876 and ceased in 1978. It is an often-overlooked newspaper invaluable to Chicago genealogy research and is filled with many obituaries not published in any other Chicago newspaper. The obituary content of the Chicago Daily News was a precursor to that of the modern obituary section in the Chicago Tribune. An every-name searchable index has been created to aid in finding obituaries within the Chicago Daily News.

All names of kin appearing in an obituary have been indexed into their proper searchable categories: spouse, children, parents, siblings, other). Maiden names are indexed as (nee Surname) in their respective categories. The "Others" category sometimes included references to nephews, nieces, aunts & uncles, etc. Surnames beginning with Mc- were sometimes published as M'- (ex: M'Laughlin, rather than McLaughlin). If the burial was anywhere other than Chicago or the immediate surroundings, or there was any other particularly noteworthy reference, then that information was included in the "Misc. Info" category. The " Misc. Info" category can lead to other localities previously not covered in your research. Dates are in the format of YYYY.MM.DD (an example of 1901.01.05 would be January 5, 1901).

The index currently covers January 1, 1900 through February 9, 1900 and contains 1,209 obituaries.

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