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Chicago, IL, USA

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A collection of digitized content and indexes to aid in Chicago & Cook County genealogy research.

Burial Permits


The burial permits from Hyde Park, ranging from 1884-1886, have been digitized and indexed. These records contain information similar to that of which you'd find on death certificates.


Cook County Hospital


The Cook County Hospital was opened in Chicago in 1857. It was used primarily as a teaching hospital until the Civil War, when it was converted into an army hospital. The hospital continued to be a center for education after the close of the war and remains open today, in a new building, now known as John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital (formerly New Cook County Hospital). The two collections from this hospital are similar, though their date range availability varies widely; they are lists documenting the admission and discharge of patients within specific departments of the hospital.

Register of Insane, County Hospital, 188
Patients Admitted To Psychopathic Hospit



The license indexes from Hyde Park, ranging from 1885-1888, have been digitized. These indexes contains the name of the individual requesting the license, the license type, the page number of the original application, and the address.




An every-name index is being created for the obituaries published in the Chicago Daily News, an important and overlooked newspaper for Chicago genealogy research.

Vital Records


A detailed index to the marriage records from 1905-1917 for the Roman Catholic parish of 'Our Lady of Hungary'. This parish was predominantly Hungarian and located at 93rd & Kimbark, in the Burnside neighborhood of Chicago.