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Hyde Park Burial Permit

Stub Book, 1884-1886

This collection is comprised of burial permit stubs from the village of Hyde Park. There are 128 pages of permits ranging from #2732 (March 2, 1884) through #3243 (July 6, 1886), with permit #3211 missing. There are 511 permits in total. ​

Hyde Park was its own entity within the now-defunct Hyde Park Township, until it was annexed into Chicago in 1889. 

Note: The cover of the book, shown below, is slightly moldy. There are gaps in the information provided on some permits up until about the end of 1884. As seen from the handwriting. there were several individuals who recorded the information within this stub book and some didn't spell particularly well. There are many blatant errors where names or words were clearly written phonetically.

The places of interment provided vary widely from permit to permit, but the majority were cemeteries in Chicago:

  • 259 burials: Oak Woods Cemetery

  • 62 burials: Out-of-Town/State

  • 49 burials: Calvary Cemetery

  • 20 burials: Graceland Cemetery

  • 16 burials: Mount Olivet

  • 14 burials: Cook County Cemetery

  • 11 burials: Rosehill Cemetery

  • 5 burials: St. Boniface Cemetery

  • 2 burials: Waldheim Cemetery

An index was created, found below, to aid in searching this collection. The index is a transcription of the data provided on the burial permit stubs and exact spellings have tried to be maintained - please let us know of corrections. The images are organized numerically by permit number, which was included in the index to aid in easily locating the correct record.

Each permit provides the following information:

  • Permit Number

  • Permit Date

  • The name of the deceased

  • The name of the individual in charge of the removal.
    *This was typically an undertaker or funeral home, though family members are listed in some instances.

  • Date of Death

  • Cause of Death

  • Place of Death
    *In most cases, it was either an address or the nearest intersection. Some streets began being abbreviated over time, such as Cottage Grove (C.G.) and Wabash (Wab.)

  • Place of Interment​



Hyde Park Burial Permit Stub Book 1884-1886, 7/0032/07, Illinois Regional Archives Depository, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago.

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